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3yyn.com (Hereby referred to as "3yyn.com", "3yyn.com", "We", "Us", "Our", "The website" or "The Portal") is a historical price analysis portal for products selling in online shopping & eCommerce portals in the Middle East and North Africa, like Amazon, Noon, Extra, Jarir, Jumia, Carrefour, Lulu, Al Othaim, Tamimi Markets, etc...

By using 3yyn.com, you agree to following its' terms of use.

Any visitor or user is allowed a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sellable right to use our website services for as many times as they want without violating our terms of use.

3yyn.com main objective is to show users & visitors the historical price trends of products available for sale in online shopping & eCommerce portals in the Middle East & North Africa. This helps users & visitors to make a better buying decision, however, the buying decision is the full responsibility of the user and 3yyn.com is not engaged in any form of purchase advice.

3yyn.com is available and can be used by all types of users without any discrimination. Unless certain restrictions or legislations in your country prohibits the use of 3yyn.com, we don't restrict the use of our website to any group of people.

If you can't access 3yyn.com in your country, please contact us immediately and inform us of the details.

Cost of Services

Currently 3yyn.com is offering it's services for free. This might change in the future. We retain the right to keep our services free or to change our model in the future and charge fees for our services as per our best commercial interest. There is no obligation on 3yyn.com to keep services free or paid or a mix of both. We can also decide to offer other services in the future that are fee based.

3yyn.com Neutrality

3yyn.com is neutral to all online shopping & eCommerce portals. We don't have any preference or interest to promote one over another. Our main objective is to help users make a better buying decision, regardless of where they will be buying the product from.


3yyn.com has a strict process & methodology to decide whether to cover an online shopping portal or not. Some of the major factors we consider is the size of the online shopping portal, it's brand, it's reach, countries of operation, it's reputation, the approximate overall quality of the products it sells, etc...

Some online shopping portals might not be economical for 3yyn.comto cover in its' services. 3yyn.com does not have any liability to cover any online shopping portal unless we can see value to our users & visitors through covering it.

3yyn.com Content

3yyn.com sources product prices as well as other products information from online shopping & eCommerce portals using technology automation. Furthermore, 3yyn.com timestamps and stores those prices in its' own data warehouse.

The price history of such products is considered an asset of 3yyn.com and we retain the right to use it, lease it or sell it as per our best commercial interest.

No party, user or visitor, individual or corporation, is permitted to copy, re-produce, parse or crawl 3yyn.com or any of it's pages and use it's data or analytics in their own website, portal or page as well as in offline channels (Like newspapers or magazines, etc...) without prior written consent from 3yyn.com management. Violating this will result in warnings, blocking against using the website, blacklisting, legal action and financial damage compensation.

We take several measures & practices to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information we provide, however, we cannot guarantee that all information will be accurate and up to date at all times.

Visitors and users should view the information & analytics provided by 3yyn.com as for information purposes only. Any miss-matches, errors or delays in showing product information or prices should NOT be viewed as the liability of 3yyn.com

We exert every effort to fix and correct errors or delays as soon as we can.

Intellectual Property

All trademarks are for their respective companies owning them and having them registered under their names.

All product names, titles, descriptions and pictures are the responsibility of the respective merchant or product owner.

In no way we allow visitors to use trademarks, licenses or intellectual property of third parties in any way, either for profit or for non-profit.

The product price data we collect and store in our data warehouses is considered our own Intellectual Property as well as all of the website code, scripts & algorithms.

Users & Visitors Obligations

When registering on the website, users & visitors are required to provide authentic & real information about themselves. If logging in to the website using the Facebook account, it should be an authentic & real account representing the same person using the website.

Users & visitors are committed not to do anything that affect or might affect the performance, integrity or security of the website.

Users & visitors also agree not to extract any form of content/data/prices, directly by downloading it, by manually copying & pasting it, by crawling/parsing it or indirectly by any form of reverse engineering our algorithms and/or website code.

Affiliates & Third Parties

We run or might run some affiliate programs with some or all of the online shopping & eCommerce portals we cover, where the online shopping portal pays us a certain agreed percentage of the sale if the visitor was directed from 3yyn.com to their website and makes a purchase.

As an Amazon and Souq Associate, 3yyn.com earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

In all cases, we maintain our neutrality to all online shopping portals and we will not promote one over another. The visitor or user value is our ultimate priority.

We might however, allow any online shopping or eCommerce website to advertise on our website. In this case, advertisements will be shown in designated areas in pages and are not considered endorsements from our side.

Termination / Block for miss use:

3yyn.com reserves the right to block, blacklist or terminate the usage of any individual or entity to the services of the website in case of violation of our Terms of use. We also reserve the right to take legal action against individuals or entities, regardless of their residence or nationality who violate the terms of use and seek damage compensation accordingly.

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