Privacy Policy

When using, we collect certain information about visitors, directly or through third parties, which differs if you register with us or not. The information we collect during registration are just your name and email address.

We use a set of Google services, which collects information about your geographic location, device used, operating system, browsing patterns among other information set by those Google services.

We mainly use the collected information about our website visitors to enhance our services, to communicate with our user base & for better online advertisements targeting. We DO NOT share any information with anyone and we don't sell or intend to sell such information/data to anyone, unless is sold out to another entity having a different set of policies regarding the use of personal information.

What do we use the information for?

We use the information we have access to (From all sources), personal or non-personal in mainly the following:

  • Enhance & Improve our services
  • Understand our visitors behavior & browsing patterns
  • To personalize the experience
  • To send periodic emails (We never share or sell your email and we never engage in SPAM activities)
  • Create internal/external aggregated reports (Like website traffic reports) without publicizing any personal information we have access to
  • Tailor our advertising & make it better targeted

How do we protect your information?

We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information. Information that we have access to through third parties, like Google, is their responsibility to maintain it's safety and security, as we don't directly store them on our servers.

Do we use Cookies?

Currently we don't use "Cookies", however, this might change in the future. If we decided to use "Cookies", we will amend the Privacy Policy accordingly to reflect this.

Do we disclose or share any information with third parties?

In some cases, we might have links to third party websites, either through advertisements or through certain affiliate programs. In such cases and when a visitor clicks on a link on our website to visit a third party website, we might be required to send some information to the third party along with that action, such as the IP address of the visitor, geographic location, visitor browsing history on our website, etc...

In such cases, only non-personal will be shared with the third party upon clicking on their link on our website.

It's your responsibility to check out the Privacy Policy and Terms of use of those third party websites, as we will not be held liable if their policies are different from ours'

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